Privacy Policy

Monarch Digital Creative is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of our customers. Once you have chosen to become a Monarch Digital Creative customer, we assure you that your personal information will be exclusively used to provide you with the services you have purchased.


1.1 Account Information – when you establish web hosting services with Monarch Digital Creative, you will be asked to provide contact and payment information which will be stored in our system for future billing and customer communication requirements.

1.1.1 Contact Information – This will include your name, address, phone number and email address and any.

1.1.2 Payment Information – Typically this includes your credit card number but may also include bank account details.

1.1.3 Additional Information – In the normal course of providing our web hosting services, we also create and maintain other information such as account status, system usage, plan type and support requests. All information collected by Monarch Digital Creative will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining our relationship with you as The Customer.


2.1 Notifications – Monarch Digital Creative will use customer information to notify The Customer of important system and service related issues including:

1. system upgrades;
2. scheduled maintenance;
3. network downtime;
4. newly added services or features;
5. any other communication deemed relevant to the continuance of your service.

2.2 Partner Companies – We may share customer information with partner companies when The Customer has requested a service or product provided by that company. The information given will only be that which is necessary to implement the service or product requested.

2.3 As Required by Law – We will disclose customer information to relevant legal authorities in Australia when instructed to do so under Australian Law. We will also provide this information to the relevant legal authority if it is necessary to bring legal action against persons causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of Monarch Digital Creative, our customers, or others.

2.4 – We do not sell or rent customer information.


3.1 Information Collected – when registering a domain name, the controlling registry responsible for the chosen domain extension will collect contact information through our system to add to the Whois database. This information is used to assist in determining and protecting the authorised owner of the registered domain and to help avoid the domain being hijacked by another party.

3.1.1 Public Availability of Whois Information – The default nature of whois information attached to a domain registration is that it is publicly available by performing a whois search on the internet.

3.1.2 Storage and Updating of Whois Information – The whois information delivered when performing a search on the internet is not stored in Monarch Digital Creative’s systems. However, the information is updated from within the Monarch Digital Creative billing system through API connections to the registry. NOTE: Care should be taken when updating this information as false or fake information can result in your domain name being hijacked and Monarch Digital Creative accepts no liability in the occurrence of such an event.

4. HOW DOES Monarch Digital Creative USE COOKIES?

4.1 Tracking and Storage of Cookies – Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored on a user’s computer. Monarch Digital Creative does not use cookies to track or collect information specific to the web activities of our customers. We exclusively uses cookies to authenticate users accessing the various Control Panels used for accessing our services and to securely store login data. We use a session cookie, which allows the cookie to remain active only while your browser is open. After the browser is closed, the cookie expires.


5.1 Request to Remove Information – As long as The Customer has no active services under an account, certain details about a customer can be removed on request. However, due to service and invoice tracking for accounting purposes, not all information can be removed. For assistance with removing information, The Customer should contact us via

Monarch Digital Creative Pty Ltd

5.2 While Services are Active – Monarch Digital Creative is unable to maintain an active hosting or additional service without the storage of the information outlined in section One (1) of this policy.


We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. We wish to make it clear how we collect, store and use your personal information.